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    Diamond Glare Automatic Polishing Machine

Model CGS-1000 CGS-1300 CGS-1600 CGS-2000
Capacity Width of workpiece 600 mm
Length of workpiece 1000 mm 1300 mm 1600 mm 2000 mm
Thickness of workpiece 100 mm
Table sizes 1000x600mm 1300x600mm 1600x600mm 2000x600mm
Spindle Spindle speed 0-10000RPM
Spindle diameter 28mm
Spindle motor
(High speed)
Others Direct servo drive Ball screw
Working speed 0-2.0 M/min
Working air pressure 5 kgf /cm²
Dust hood outlet dia. Ø4″
Table height from floor 800 mm
Machine dimensions 2150,2450,2750,3150x1120x1550 mm
Net weight 2200kgs 2500kgs 2800kgs 3200kgs
Power source 50HZ / 60HZ / 380V / 220V
Remarks Fully enclose splash guard.
  • Processing aligner and pressure beam system
    • Processing aligner after heat treatment and high precision grinding to ensure aligner surface flatness.
    • Processing aligner motion, direct link air-cylinders with linear guiders parallel up and down to ensure working pieces flatness during processing.
    • Independent sigle air-cylinder pressure beam spindle diameter extra to 30mm, equipped with self-lubricating bearing to ensure air pressure strength and stability without displacement during small pieces processing. The air-cylinders pressure beam can be moved as desired for angle processing.
  • Cutter unit feeding system
    • Cutter unit slide moves on liner guider ways and transmitted through ball screw for smoothly and straightness.
    • Cutter unit dust hood inside straight collection chute while working.
  • Automatic lubricator
    • Automatic lubrication system with timing control, between 0~60 minutes auto lubricate once to prevent liner guiders breakdown.
  • Mitsubishi servo
    • Japan imported 1KW AC servo motor through coupling that directly drives ball screw transmitted with low backlash working and stable movement.
  • Polish cutter unit
    • High speed stability motor spindle with inverter to prevent traditional belt vibration upgrading products quality.
    • Angle adjustable cutter unit through chrome processing makes surface resistance to oxidation, reduce wear of mechanism.
    • For different angle, cutter unit can be adjusted 0~60 degree with bolt to firm it.


Cutting depth adjuster unit 0.01mm.
The side of machine with wide space easy to replace cutter bit and cutter uni.