SDC Series

Efficient & Flexible Production

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  • sdc-type-1Independant Pusher  
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    Twin Pusher System

The SDC Series features a maximum cutting length of up to 3800mm, saw carriage speed up to 120M/min. and a blade projection up to 120mm. This machine is equipped with air flotation tables, touch screen controls, side aligner for cross cuts and magnetic scales for overall outstanding cutting accuracy.

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    Increase Productivity

Thanks to its two completely independent pushers, Rip and cross-cuts are performed at the same time. Complex cutting patterns are done in one cycle offering a great solution for manufacturers looking for fast, efficient and flexible production.

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SDC Series.
Comparison between normal cutting and cutting with Twin Pusher System.


Max. cutting length 3200mm 3800mm
Max. cutting height 100mm (Max.120mm)
Main sawblade diameter Ø405mm (Max. Ø455mm)
Main sawblade arbor diameter Ø60mm
Scoring sawblade diameter Ø180mm
Scoring sawblade arbor diameter Ø45mm
Saw carriage forward speed 5~100 M/min
Saw carriage return speed 120 M/min
Main sawblade motor 20HP (25HP optional)
Scoring sawblade motor 3HP
Saw carriage drive motor 1KW
High pressure blower motor 5HP
Main pusher feed motor 1KW
Vice pusher feed motor 1KW
Machine bed blower motor 3HP (optional)
Number of grippers(Main+Vice) 8+1 9+1
Floating tables 1800 x 600mm x 3unit
Pusher feed speed 5~80M/min
Working air pressure 6~7kg/cm2
Table height from floor 920mm
  • Twin Pusher System
  • Saw Carriage Speed 120M/min
  • Side Aligner for Cross Cuts
  • Magnetic Scales
  • Air Flotation Tables
  • User Friendly PC Base Touch Screen System
  • Air Quick Change Mechanism