SNL Series


  • snl-typeMachine Exterior 
  • In feed systemIn Feed System 
  • sdc-type-2Quick Change Mechanism 
  • IMG_4938_2Powerful motor
  • sdc-type-4Air Flotation Tables  
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    High Speed Computer Panel Saw

The TPS SNL series features a PC computer control with Lifting Table & optimization cut function. With a maximum cutting length of up to 3.8 m, saw carriage feed up to 100M/min. and a blade projection up to 120mm. It’s definitively the type of machine you want for processing large quantities of panels.

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    In Feed System

The in-feed system with powered rollers and forklift cut outs makes loading a breeze. It can support loading of up to 50 panels (18mm) for a total loading capacity of 6 tons.

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Fork Lift Loading

Material Height Detection

Max. cutting length 3200mm 3800mm
Max. cutting height 100mm (Max.120mm)
Main sawblade diameter Ø405mm (Max. Ø455mm)
Main sawblade arbor diameter Ø60mm
Scoring sawblade diameter Ø180mm
Scoring sawblade arbor diameter Ø45mm
Saw carriage forward speed 5~100M/min
Saw carriage return speed 120M/min
Main sawblade motor 25HP
Scoring sawblade motor 3HP
Saw carriage drive motor 1KW (AC Servo motor)
High pressure blower motor 5HP
Pusher feed motor 1KW (AC Servo motor)
Lifting table hydraulic motor 5HP
Lifting table horizontal motion motor 1HP(optional)
Lifting table max. loading capacity 6 tons
Machine bed blower motor 3HP(optional)
Number of grippers 8 9
Floating tables 2100 x 600mm x 3unit
Pusher feed speed up to 80M/min
Working air pressure 7kg/cm2
Table height from floor 920mm
  • The TPS-SNL series of Panel Saws come equipped with PC computer control
    combined with specially designed software to enhance versatility and maximum
    operational convenience.
  • The LCD screen and outstanding software make the control system easy to understand, learn and operate.
  • Powerful computer functions included editing, operation control, machining motion flow display, trouble indication and motion monitoring.