TDS-4P / TDS-6P / TDS-8P

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Model TDS-4P TDS-6P TDS-8P
Capacity Min. length of cut 48″ 72″ 96″
Max. length of cut 12″
Max. width  of cut 24″
Max. clamping thickness 4-1/2″
Saw Sawblade dia. 8″/10″/12″(optinal)
Saw arbor ø1″
Sawblade speed 3400 R.P.M.
Sawblade swivel 360°
Moulder Moulder spindle dia. ø1″
Spindle Speed 3400/6000/9000 R.P.M.
Spindle swivel 360°
Traverse Saw longitudinal travel 12″
Saw vertical travel 17″
Carriage cross travel 24″
Motor Sawhead drive 2HPx4pcs
Moulder spindle 3HPx2pcs
Product outfeed drive motor 1/2HP
Shipping Net weight / Gross weight 1000/1200kgs 1300/1500kgs 1500/1700kgs
Machine dimensions 83″×87″×52″ 106″×87″×50″ 128″×87″×50″
Packing dimensions 87″×91″×61″ 110″×91″×58″ 132″×91″×58″
  • This machine is constructed of top and bottom saw at both sides, followed with shaping spindle for cutting tenor and mortise at both ends of the stock. The top and bottom saw provides burr-free cutting.
  • The entire cutting cycle cut-off, shaping tenor or mortise, product outfeed is automatically operated, except that operator need to do is simply placing the workpiece onto the carriage.
  • The rubber outfeed rollers prevents any scratch on the surface of product. Gap between both rollers is adjustable to suit various thickness of workpiece.
  • Variable feed speed permits proper feed speed selection for hard or soft wood materials.
  • Sawblade & cutter not included.