The Panel Saw Expert

TAI CHAN MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., Ltd. established in 1978, specializes in manufacturing various kinds of machinery for the woodworking industry. When we first started, TAI CHAN’s main focus was on traditional woodworking machines, then we moved on to developing NC & PLC controlled panel saw machines.

Today, we are among the leaders of PC control high speed panel saw manufacturers, and have developed innovative features such as “Optimization Cut Function” Twin Pusher System“& “In Feed System“. Our Machines are widely sold overseas and we are the leaders in the local market. Our customers are fully satisfied with TAI CHAN quality.

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Multiple Applications

TAI CHAN Panel Saws are not only used in wood processing but also on cutting a wide range of materials and products.
For Example: Acrylic, Corrugated Paper, Calcium Silicate, Copper Sheet, Aluminum, Bakelite, IC Circuit Board, Compact Grade Laminate, Phenol Laminate Sheet and other special materials.

Answers to Your Questions

Dealer Questions

Pricing Policy

Machine technical and certification requirements are different for each market and will vary according to dealership locations, and customization needs.
We don’t have a standard pricing per machine as every machine will be customized.
But we guarantee prices are kept confidential to ensure you stay competitive. Get in touch with our sales to discuss your options.

What kind of training program do you offer for dealers?

Sales Training: Our Sales key point app is available . Additional manuals, PDF documentation are available in English for installation. Technical Training: We offer onsite training after the purchase of one of our machines. This usually happens during the installation process as well as the test run period.

Do I need to pay for training?

Basic training, as mentioned above, is offered onsite.
If further training is needed we will do our best to accommodate you and your needs.

What support materials do you have?

English Manuals and other PDF documentation is available upon request.

Catalogs, Marketing & Sales kits?

Catalogs can be downloaded here Our Sales App

Starting a technical service center will you support me? How?

Yes, at Taichan we believe in offering the best support to our partners worldwide.
Get in contact with us, and we can discuss how to accommodate your needs. For example: Additional Onsite Training
Show Room Machines Marketing Materials Spare Parts

Our Milestones

2002 TAI CHAN set up a service office in DongGuan, China

2004 TAI CHAN set up another office in Vietnam to offer TAI CHAN’s excellent quality service and expand whole plant equipment projects with our customers.

High Quality

TAI CHAN products are all manufactured in modern factories located in Feng Yuan and Shen Kang (Panel Saw Manufacturing Factory) Taichung County. Manufacturing and assembly of TAI CHAN machines are conducted according to the company’s strict quality assurance policy. Expert craftsmanship and close attention to every assembly detail assures high quality machinery for our customers. TAI CHAN machines are thoroughly tested to match the performance our customer’s require.


TAI CHAN will continue to expand our sales reach here in Asia and the rest of the world, pushing forward with innovation, improving our service, and meeting the needs of our customers.

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Taiwan Location

Shen Gang Factory

No. 200, Lane 1550, Fengzhou Road, Shengang District, Taichung city
Mail:taichann@ms32.hinet.net / taichann@gmail.com

Feng Yuan Factory

No.4, Alley 151, Lane 742, Sanfeng Rd., Fengyuan District, Taichung City, Taiwan.